I write engaging and educational news stories from my home in Upstate New York.

I am a graduate of the UC Santa Cruz Science Communication Program and my work has appeared in the New York Times, Science, Christian Science Monitor and Alzforum.

I also create press releases and other materials for Cornell University, the Deep Carbon Observatory, the American Institute of Physics, the American Geophysical Union and PLOS.

During my spare time, I produce local science news segments for WRFI’s Locally Sourced Science radio show and enjoy hiking, soccer, trivia and playing in the Cornell gamelan ensemble.

In my former life as a biologist, I tested “suspicious white powders” at the Oklahoma State Dept. of Health, screened bacteria from radioactive groundwater at the University of Oklahoma, and caught bottom-dwelling scavenger fish in Antarctica. I earned an M.S. by studying subsurface methane-making microbes at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and completed a degree in biology at Grinnell College in Iowa.